Viola Lessons



Course price 600-1000$ course features: Viola lessons cover a variety of topics, techniques and techniques. 1. *Basics*: Understand the various parts of the viola, how to hold the violin and draw the bow correctly, understand posture and body alignment, and basic care and maintenance of the viola. 2. *Music Theory*: Read music notation and understand scales, chords, rhythm and key signatures. 3. *Techniques*: Bowing skills (legato, staccato, legato, etc.), left-hand skills (vibrato, speed change) and other professional skills (double tone, harmony). 4. *Repertoire*: Learn and perform works from different musical periods (Baroque, classical, romantic, modern) and different genres (classical, viola, jazz, etc.). 5. *Ear training*: Develop the ear's ability to recognize pitch, interval, melody, chord, rhythm and other basic elements of music. 6. *Improvisation*: Learn how to write and play your own melodies and harmonies. 7. *Performance Skills*: Develop stage presence, manage performance anxiety, and other aspects of performing in front of others. 8. *Examinations and Assessments*: Regular testing of acquired skills and knowledge. 9. *Practice Tips*: Learn how to practice efficiently and effectively, including setting practice goals and managing practice time. Learning to play the viola is a journey that takes time, patience, and consistent practice. We will prepare personalized lessons that fit your learning style, rhythm and musical goals.