Music Lab音樂教室致力提供高質素及全面的音樂教育給予我們的學生。除了栽培他們成為出色的樂手,我們亦同時非常重視培養他們對音樂的興趣和鑒賞能力。我們將透過定期舉辦不同的活動,如音樂大師班、學生音樂會和工作坊,提供平台予學生從中涉取經驗。

Music Lab Education Studio offers high-quality and holistic musical training and exposure to the younger generation. Our educational programmes aim not only to go into music but also to go beyond music. In addition to nurture our students to be competent and competitive instrumentalists, we also stress the importance to inspire our students on music appreciation through a variety of studio educational programmes, such as master classes, recitals and workshops etc.